Am the famous fellow with purblind master piece
My craft is awesomely structured like a dilapidated edifice
My eloquent ideas pooh-pooh creativity
Reducing it to a phony glorified activity
Call me the quintessential quack celebrity
My works are trendy, gaining ample publicity
Excellence has relinquish to me its position
All i do is thwart the effort of innovation
Salute my viral insolent silent insidiousness
I take my duty diligently with botch seriousness
Inspired or not skills is also my trade mark 
Good in what i do check the records I crack
My red carpet is lavished with colorful confetti
Groupies comes in sizes and numbers ask betty
Hate me or love me i rock my world mate
Money is not an issue cause am fully paid
I don’t care about doing this intelligently
I just do it half baked but excellently
Am the rave of the moment, cheer for me
Drink to your fill all the rounds on me.
© Lumumba Jatau




I’m hated severely, for my color is black
Incarcerated literally my race is under attack
My ancestors where callously raped and killed for nothing
Now they murder me in numbers I’ve stopped counting
Systematic racial profiling to police brutality
My spirit refuses to die inspite the animosity
They came from the West with bibles and chains
Forced me out of my home for their gains
I was separated from father, mother, brother and sisters
Over seas in the belly of monstrous ships
Coerced to work on planted fields till am sore with blisters
My back bears the slave masters whip
Every lash accompanied with blood drip
I couldn’t sit on the bus until Rosa Paker did
Nor go into a restaurant like anyone to feed
In fact even the toilet had signs like ‘only whites’
I get arrested if am found in any of those sites
Now those signs are subliminally posted
Check the constitution of US in there it is noted
I have been treated lesser than any animal
My pigmentation has made me a criminal
The KKK lynched and burned me at any stake
Now its the judicial system who won’t give me a break
They can’t extinct me ’cause I’m immortal-Negro
Addressed with derogatory terms like Jim Crow.


© Lumumba Jatau
http:// JIM CROW


Pain has taught me to appreciate pleasure
Tears do not pour down only during pressure
The struggle of a better life should be embraced
The path to greatness most be frantically traced

Today was birth from the labour of yesterday
Tomorrow isn’t promise needless to say
Now is all we got to do what we must
Lets not mix the feeling cause love isn’t lust

The cravings of the heart must drive us
Towards the goal of virtue in full force
Let it be written on the canvas of the sky
With the pencils of rainbow the truth not a lie

That we gallantly fought the good fight of faith
We ran the race carrying Gods burden of weight
So at last it will be said well done faithful servant
For your works was expedient and relevant

To the betterment and progress of humanity
Come and lounge in the court of His majesty
For you projected the gospel of GOD’s love
So fitting is honour unto you like a hand glove.

© Lumunba Jatauhttp:// LET IT BE SAID


You are blind, deaf and dumb to the ignoramus
What you reveal can either keep us safe or harm us
You direct as well as mislead many to doom
Giving minds clear vision as much as blurry gloom

The citerdal of learning is one of your habitation
Found every where and no where is your location
You have made many noble men of society
As well as drive many to abject insanity

You have told lies and truth to whom choose to hear
You have instill righteous faith and gave holy fear
You have fortified hearts and crippled souls
To the wise you’re an angel, fools a demon in control

Before Gutenberg you have been in clay tablet
From many forms as papyrus to prints of pamphlet
Knowledge is hidden in your two corner walls
Only the adventurous heed your daunting calls

Nobody can grow wiser than your wisdom
Neither is your foolishness found in any kingdom
From novels, Newspapers to periodicals that litter the place
Biographies, Textbooks and Journals can’t hide your face.

© Lumumba ‘SixthSenze’ Jatau

WhaT Formula Of IQ

Not every mind can contain my dexterity
They try to push me aside cause I abhor mediocrity
Am creatively radical about gigantic innovation
The world rather celebrates ostensibly invention
What they forgot is nothing under the sun is new
And nothing can occlude my ferocious
My kind are rare gem of individuals with skills
They want to drown our ideas, but it got gills
It swam to the other deeper side of the shore to thrive
They buried us but like seeds we germinate to survive

Am not singing the self proclaim song of heroes
Just reminding my kind that we attract pals and foes
Out of the enigmatic thrills of our artistry
It broods all sort of feelings can turn friend to enemy
Or enemy to friend as the case may be
The eyes of our mind must tell what it see
Even if it cost us our freedom and prosperity
Going against the systems norm sure sparks enmity

Its not about diction or  grammar
But constructive thoughts about life’s drama
The question is
What formula of IQ projects our thoughts
Does it build or destroy finding faults
Am Not super intelligent but am smart enough to know
What’s right or wrong, my kind of IQ steals the show
Let’s not be critics of nation builders
Rather help them lean them shoulders
Never support those that want short cuts,
All roads do not lead to a successful results.

© Lumumba SixthSenze Jatau



Aging Reflection

On the desk of my birthday
Are voluminous gift of present
Wrapped in various size as well as shapes
Taking the memory lane that never fades
A trip back to what I envision to be
At this crucial mid thirty that I see
Friends and well wishers I gathered
Knowledge and experience collected
The choices and actions I selected
Bad ones that got me into serious trouble
Repercussions when I miss and fumble
Isn’t it funny how time with out wings fly
Suddenly a lot of years has swiftly gone by
Many more blessed years a head
Life comes alive after ones dead
Before that let me bask in Gods glory
Let the birds of the earth chirp my story
Tell the words I crafted on the tablet of history
Deeds I dared to overcome life’s sole misery

With age comes responsibility
Grace erases all sort of insecurity
As I reflect on issues here and there
The more I see they come in pair
Good and Evil
Animals and people
GOD and devil
Dimensions are in level,
Which side of the pole do I dangle
How knob of matters arise to handle
Am I positive or negative
Nonchalant or persuasive
What’s my inner desire
Core of my being on fire
Embers of my thoughts saturated
Am I worthy to be celebrated?
Have I lived up to expectation?
Question of Aging reflection?
On this very delicate occasion.



This is a saga of a mother who never resent her duty
Of raising Men to be agents of positive change in society
She Lost her husband when she needed him most
Only in her dreams do he appear as a harmless ghost
She kept the home like he was always there
Providing all that’s necessary needed with joyful cheer
She wakes up at the early break of every new dawn
Before going to work to cook meals for her beloved sons

This noble woman is known for sacrificial giving
Through God, she’s the reason am still breathing
She my mother, the one who incubated me for nine months
Her firm discipline is renowned for its rational point
She took me to the police station for squandering My school fee,
urging they beat stupidity out of me
Cause she wanted this to sink in my skull, ‘knowledge is the key’
That unlocks the door of ignorance that keeps humans captive,
No exaggeration, mentally, physical and emotionally active
She do not condone bullshit her motto and tactics

Gloria Laura Jatau, gave me tough love I never understood
Until now I realised she never wants me to Rob the hood
Turning out a hoodlum, riff raff or a dubious miscreant
Her legacy is a spiritual song I will always chant
I can never pay you back for your compassionate tough love
Everything you did and still do fits like a  hand glove
My prayer is you live long and enjoy the fruits of your seeds
As Your second son I stand to attest for your heroic deeds.

© Lumumba Sixthsenze Jatau.